India: Patenting in the Medical Devices Sector

This paper by S. Markan and Y. Verma, from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, provides insights into innovation, patent filings, and business interests (both foreign and indigenous) in the Indian medical device sector. As it considers total filings in India, the analysis sheds light on the relative competitive positions of domestic and foreign innovators in the Indian medical device market. Over the past ten years, a rising number of patent filings in India was observed by the authors, who consider this a positive indicator of increasing IP awareness in the country. They attribute growing use of patents by domestic players, in part, to government programs to support promising health technology entrepreneurs. The authors conclude that there is "an immense potential and opportunity for the medical device sector to innovate across the value chain, to serve Indian and foreign consumers, and unlock the value of the Indian medical device market".


July 2017