Minister Muñoz of Chile on the Value of Open Trade

In this op-ed piece in the New York Times, Heraldo Muñoz, the Foreign Minister of Chile, confirms Chile's commitment to trade opening following a meeting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Parties, together with South Korea, China, and Colombia, in Viña del Mar, Chile. He credits trade with helping to reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth in Chile in recent decades. Despite recent political setbacks and growing populism and protectionism around the world, Minister Muñoz says the countries of the "Pacific Alliance" (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru) will nonetheless seek to advance regional trade integration and a "pluralistic apporach to trade" along the lines of what was set forth in the TPP. "The 15 Pacific Rim nations in attendance in Chile ... signaled a strong and stable consensus across the Asia Pacific region that open economies, free trade and regional integration represent the way forward for achieving inclusive and progressive development".

April 2017