Multi-Stakeholder Initiative to Extend Access to Contraception

This article from the European Pharmaceutical Review describes the work of a consortium of public and private actors - including the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Becton Dickinson, Pfizer, USAID, DFID, the Gates Foundation, and UNFPA - to extend access to an all-in-one injectable contraceptive called "Sayana Press" in developing countries. Contraceptives are cost-effective health investments that save lives. If every girl and woman who wanted to use modern contraception could do so, an estimated 170,000 maternal deaths and 1.6 million newborn deaths could be prevented each year. As a result of this initiative, by the end of 2016, 6.4 million units of Sayana Press had been shipped to 20 developing world countries, potentially reaching more than 1.5 million women. Pfizer supplies Sayana Press at a low guaranteed price, and has invested to ensure that manufacturing capacity can meet growing demand. 


June 2017