New Wireless Tech: Roads that Charge Electric Vehicles

This article, by Fred Lambert of Electrek, presents Qualcomm's new technology solution for charging electric vehicles while they are driving on a road. The solution is called the "Qualcomm Halo" wireless electric vehicle charging technology (WEVC). It was recently tested on a special 100km-long track in France, with partners VEDECOM and Renault, and tests will be ongoing. The wireless system is capable of charging an electric vehicle dynamically at up to 20 kilowatts at highway speeds. In the test, Qualcomm Technologies demonstrated simultaneous charging, in which two vehicles on the same track charged dynamically at the same time, while also showing that the vehicles could charge while driving in either direction and in reverse (similar to real-world conditions). The author notes that while in the short term dynamic charging is not expected to be a key feature of the automobile industry's electric charging infrastructure, in the long-term it could be used on parts of highways to increase the on-road time of vehicles. 

July 2017