Research: Knowledge Spillovers in Emerging Countries

In a new WIPO study, Kul B. Luintel and Mosahid Khan analyse how important are industrialized countries as sources of knowledge in emerging countries (EMEs). In this context, the authors examine ideas production and international knowledge spillovers in 31 EMEs. The results reveal that knowledge spillovers from the industrialized (OECD-20) world to emerging world (EME-31) via total imports, machinery imports, and FDI appear insignificant when measured by domestic patent filings. However, spillovers via inventors' mobility, geographical proximity, and disembodied channels appear positive and significant. The study also indicates a virtual lack of knowledge spillovers across EMEs. The authors outline policy implications, suggesting that “broadening of R&D strategy, encompassing wider sectors ─ i.e., more opening up of the economy by EMEs ─ may help improve international knowledge linkages."

October 2017