Singapore: New Billion-Dollar Investment Fund for Entrepreneurs

In this article for the Business Times in Singapore, Claire Huang reports the launch of the "Makara Innovation Fund" (MIF) in Singapore. This is a new S$ 1b fund aimed at supporting promising small and medium-sized domestic companies with defensible IP, strong managerial talent and pan-Asian growth potential. The Fund is the result of a partnership between IP ValueLab (the enterprise-engagement arm of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) and the Singaporean private equity firm Makara Capital. Focal areas for the Fund will include: urban solutions including logistics and security, Fintech, alternative energy, tech such as AI and cyber-security, and healthcare. Launch of this Fund is consistent with analysis by Singapore's Committee on the Future Economy, which identified innovation, commercialization of breakthroughs, and IP as key drivers of Singapore's economic growth.


July 2017